Our wish is to act as a Kusabi ourselves by bringing together traditional Japanese crafts and contemporary culture. We want to share the beauty of these items with people all over the world, and to give recognition to the highly skilled people who make them. Our name also literally represents our core values of Quality, Satisfaction, and Virtue. In Japanese, Kusabi and Qusavi have the same pronunciation, so this enabled us to communicate all of these meanings in one word.

Our first phase as Qusavi project was for the marriage of traditional Japanese crafts and contemporary culture. And now we are on a second stage to take a role as a Kusabi to expand Japanese high-quality porcelain products and fine gifts to the world under the name of Qusavi.


– To introduce the people of the world to “now” of traditional Japanese industries – As globalization sweeps the world at unbelievable speed, the dissemination of information through the Internet and the use of cutting-edge information technology is of the utmost importance. Qusavi strives to operate as a mediator, a kind of translator, in connecting the old analogue world with the modern digital one, and by doing so create a sustainable network that will carry on through further generations, into the future, and beyond.

Qusavi Inc.

CEO: Nobuhiro Koyanagi
1-15-6 Haruyoshi, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0003, Japan
+81 (0) 92 707 1103


  • Japanese tableware coordinator/supplier
  • Restaurantware wholesale
  • Bespoke product development support
  • E-commerce operation
  • Retail store operation (Studio1156 Fukuoka)